Generation 328

Generation 328

19' 2021
dir.: Veranika Nikanava

Underage victims of draconian anti-drug law in Belarus and parents fighting for their freedom. 

Dieudo Hamadi works tirelessly to introduce European viewers to the realities of life in his homeland. This time, his camera accompanies a group of people with disabilities, victims of the forgotten Six-Day War, fought between Rwanda and Uganda in the Democratic Republic of Congo twenty years ago. Fed up with empty promises made by politicians for tens of years during electoral campaigns, the film's protagonists set off to the country's capital to demand justice. A trip to Kinshasa, full of vicissitudes, gives Hamadi the opportunity to show off his cinematography skills. Observing his characters carefully and with empathy, the director pays tribute to their near Sisyphean perseverance. What form must the Kinshasa protest take to command the attention of policymakers? And can we speak of democracy when there is such a huge gap between the authorities and society?

Konrad Wirkowski

2021 DOC NYC
Online availability
10 dec, 09:00 – 19 dec