Downstream to Kinshasa

Downstream to Kinshasa

90' 2020
dir.: Dieudo Hamadi

The odyssey of war crime victims in the Democratic Republic of Congo. A group of people with disabilities tries to force corrupt politicians in the capital to take action. 

Dieudo Hamadi's camera accompanies a group of people with disabilities on their journey to the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo to receive pensions from authorities. The director observes his characters during a multi-day voyage and then on the streets of Kinshasa. What form must the protest take to pierce the veil of silence?

Konrad Wirkowski


2020 IDFA

2020 TIFF (Amplify Voices Award)

2020 DOK Leipzig (Golden Dove, Prize of the Interreligious Jury)

2021 ZagrebDox (Big Stamp Award)

2021 DocAviv

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90' 2020 Democratic Republic of the Congo, France, Belgium
Dieudo Hamadi
Dieudo Hamadi
Helene Ballis, Catherine Catella
Kiripifilms, Les films de l'oeil Sauvage, Neon Rouge
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10 dec, 09:00 - 19 dec