70' 2021
dir.: Tomasz Wolski

The bloody suppression of worker protests in December 1970 as pictured in archival footage and animation - this time shown from the perspective of the authorities. 

Tomasz Wolski continues an excellent series of documentaries based on found footage. This time he reveals the real dynamics of the events on the Polish Coast in December 1970. Combining archival footage with recently discovered transcripts of conversations between decision-makers (brought to life on the screen thanks to animation), he creates an overall image of the protests. He pays tribute to the protesters but mostly sheds new light on actions of the authorities: he depicts those who gave orders and those who followed them obediently, recalls specific names and exposes mechanisms of repression and propaganda. 

Konrad Wirkowski ©KFF 2021 


2021 IDFA

2021 Visions du Réel (Special Jury Award)

2021 Krakow FF (Silver Hobby-Horse Award)

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70' 2021 Poland
Tomasz Wolski
Tomasz Wolski
Tomasz Wolski
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