A talk with Christopher Smith, director of "Current Sea"

A talk with Christopher Smith, director of "Current Sea"

About the film: 

In this environmental thriller, Christopher Smith follows Australian investigative journalist Matt Bloomberg and activist Paul Ferber as they fight to save a unique marine ecosystem off the Cambodian coast. Ferber used to run a diving school in the area but now leads a group of local young people who refuse to ignore the poaching destroying the unique marine fauna. Fighting the fishing mafia can be dangerous, especially since the local fishermen have nothing to lose. Working the sea here is the only way to earn a few pennies while the authorities seem oblivious to the problem. Unexpected encounters at sea bring out spearguns as poachers try to sink or at least damage the activists' boats, while the latter will still find a way to stop the great trawls that strip the seabed of all living things.

Konrad Wirkowski

07.12 17:00

The talk with Christopher Smith, director of "Current Sea," was led by Michał Matuszewski.

The recording of the talk is available on WATCH DOCS Facebook page.