24' 2019
dir.: Tessa Louise Pope

When the woman decides - three Dutch women and their decisions about abortion

An attempt has been made in Poland to tighten the already restrictive anti-abortion law. Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, the only battle women have to fight in this respect is an internal one—making a personal decision about whether they are ready for motherhood or not. Kiki, Eva, and Chrisey decided to terminate their unplanned pregnancies. They speak honestly about their emotions during what was an important and very difficult time for them. This moving, intimate, and very subtle picture doesn’t simplify things; nor does it provide any easy answers. It shows the multidimensionality of the topic of abortion, and it gives women a voice on the issue.

Zuzanna Połynko

Kraków FF 2020
24' 2019 Netherlands
Tessa Louise Pope
Myrthe Mosterman
Fatih Tura
Hazazah Pictures