Planet B

Planet B

74' 2023
dir.: Pieter Van Eecke

A portrait of a generation steeped in the fight against global warming. Protests, police harassment and climate depression  should teenagers bear the burden of responsibility for the fate of the world?  

A film about growing up in a world tainted with the specter of the coming apocalypse. Bo and Luka don't want to helplessly watch the climate catastrophe. They join Extinction Rebellion to fight global warming: together with their colleagues, they blockade factories and highways, experience harsh criticism and police violence. Luka prefers radical actions while the more prudent Bo looks for her own way in the maze of modernity. What are politicians doing in the meantime? Why do they kick proposed solutions to climate issues down the road? And is it even possible to function normally in a world that is ruining our future? 

Konrad Wirkowski 

2023 Visions du Réel
2023 DOK Leipzig
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74' 2023 Belgium, Netherlands
Pieter Van Eecke
Johan Legraie
Sandrine Deegen
Clin d'oeil Films