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Imad’s Childhood

Imad’s Childhood

78' 2021
dir.: Zahavi Sanjavi

A Kurdish family struggles for a return to normalcy for a four-year-old boy brainwashed in captivity by ISIS torturers. 

Five-year-old Imad considers himself an ISIS fighter. Aggressive towards everyone around him, he likes to play mines and suicide bombings. His fierce face shows contempt for his peers and women at whom he shouts in guttural Arabic. Imad is a Kurdish Yazidi. After his father died, he and his mother were kidnapped by the Islamists, who subjected him to prolonged brainwashing in captivity. He currently lives in a huge refugee camp where there is a constant shortage of almost everything. Imad's mother also carries the baggage of equally traumatic experiences. She struggles with depression, while terms such as "therapy" or even "psychological help" sound completely surreal here. And yet there will be people who, against all odds, will try to return Imad's childhood to him.  

Konrad Wirkowski


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78' 2021 Sweden, Latvia, Iraq
Zahavi Sanjavi
Heshmatolla Narenji
Eva Hillström
AVB Production, Fenixfilm
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10 dec, 09:00 – 19 dec