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A talk with Robert Kowalski, director of "Descendants of the Latin Civilization"

A talk with Robert Kowalski, director of "Descendants of the Latin Civilization"

About the film:

Their goal is formation of a "Great National Poland," a slogan which they shout every year as they march down Warsaw streets on November 11, National Independence Day. It started in 1996, when the only people marching were members of the National Rebirth of Poland, a radical nationalist party. As of 2010, many far-right groups began marching together - the National Rebirth of Poland, All-Polish Youth, Autonomic Nationalists and others. During the early years, marchers manifested national pride in an overtly fascist and anti-Semitic way. Men in brown shirts raised their hands in a Nazi salute. While over time the Roman salute was replaced with Jesus, Mary and the cross, the organizers are unable to stop anti-Semitic slogans despite their attempts at caution and "Jews out, Poland is ours" is an annual chant. The March of Independence has grown in size each year. In 2018, 250,000 people marched, including the leader of the ruling party, Jarosław Kaczyński. Organizers emphasize that the participants are "ordinary Polish families with children." The film shows the marches in 2016-2020, when the organizers had informal agreements with the police to stay out of each other's way. All manifested chauvinism, anti-Semitism, racism and homophobia. All wished imminent death upon enemies of the motherland.

Robert Kowalski


The talk with Robert Kowalski, director of "Descendants of the Latin Civilization," was led by Maciej Nowicki.

The recording of the talk is available on WATCH DOCS Facebook page.