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7th of August

7th of August

28' 2020
dir.: Michał Bolland

The protest of the LGBT community in Warsaw and show arrests - did the events of August 7, 2020, awaken queer rage in Poland?

A homophobic tsunami engulfed Poland in 2020. Vilified by the ruling political party, the LGBT community became the target of an intense campaign supported by the church and public media. The wave crested on August 7, when the community said enough, demonstrating on the streets of Warsaw in defense of an activist Margot. On that day, the power of rainbow solidarity clashed with brutal police aggression, resulting in the orchestrated arrests of 48 participants of the protest. These included the protagonists of Michał Bolland's shocking film - Kajetan, Kamila, Krem as well as Julia and her partner. Their stories help viewers understand and feel the price paid by Poland's non-heteronormative community for societal homophobia and transphobia. It also describes the situation of the LGBT movement in Poland. Sometimes called the Polish Stonewall, August 7 may go down in history. Did it really awaken "queer rage" in Poland? Listen to the voices of the people in the film to find out.

Cecylia Jakubczak and Maciej Nowicki

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28' 2020 Poland
Michał Bolland
Karol Łakomiec
Łukasz Junior Sawicki
Szymon Ziegler, KPH