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Going for Gold

Going for Gold

61' 2020
dir.: Ksawery Szczepanik

The price that Władysław Kozakiewicz paid for his famous gesture at the Olympics in Moscow

In his latest film Ksawery Szczepanik shines the spotlight on legendary pole vaulter Władysław Kozakiewicz. Although it is difficult to find people in Poland who would not recall his rebellious gesture raised in response to heckling Russian fans at the 1980 Moscow Olympics, hardly anyone knows Kozakiewicz’s road to the pinnacle of athletic success. "Going for Gold" is not only an emotional testimonial of athletic competition at the highest level, but also a portrait of Poland and the changes it goes through. Szczepanik uses archival recordings with great sensitivity to convey the atmosphere of those times, showing viewers behind-the-scenes stories about envious sports managers, sponsorship contracts worth thousands of dollars, and the role of natural medicine in Kozakiewicz's career and his victory in Moscow.

Tadeusz Strączek

Warsaw FF 2020
61' 2020 Poland
Ksawery Szczepanik
Michał Żuberek
Ziemowit Jaworski
Darek Dikti Biuro pomysłów