This Is Our Everything

This Is Our Everything

81' 2023
dir.: Frederik Subei

The indigenous people of the Amazon defend their territory from illegal logging, while protecting the last community untainted by contact with the white man's civilization.  

The filmmakers accompany the indigenous people of the Amazon jungle who organize to defend their home. The original forest, inhabited by the Guajajara people, is being regularly cut down for cultivation or illegal logging. Deforestation not only destroys the Guajajara's habitat and violates their traditions, but also threatens the neighbouring Awá people – a unique community of forest nomads who have so far managed to avoid any contact with the white man's civilization. Left to their own devices by the Brazilian government, the Guajajara patrol the jungle with weapons trying to stop loggers, ranchers, drug smugglers, and all those who enter their land with malicious intent. 

Frederik Subei's film is an expedition into the Amazon jungle, which has become the setting for a David-and-Goliath fight to the death. At stake are the rights and traditions of indigenous peoples along with the future of the entire planet, dependent on the oxygen produced in the Amazon. 

Michał Matuszewski 



2023 Filmfest Hamburg

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81' 2023 Germany
Frederik Subei
Frederik Subei
Manuel Domes
Frederik Subei, Manuel Domes
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1-10 December