The New Americans: Gaming a Revolution

The New Americans: Gaming a Revolution

102' 2023
dir.: Ondi Timoner

This gripping film, rich in detail, encapsulates the chaotic essence of a new, virtual Eldorado. It's a landscape dominated by fleeting cryptocurrencies, rapid financial gains and losses, and a generation of new Americans determined to upend the system. 

In her film, Ondi Timoner, known for "Mapplethorpe," delves into the volatile world of cryptocurrencies. She portrays a realm where fortunes emerge and vanish in moments and where financial schemes, deemed unethical even by Jordan Belfort of "The Wolf of Wall Street" fame, proliferate. The film's rapid pace mirrors the frenzied nature of this new, virtual gold rush, unfolding on our smartphones and laptops. Modern investors are immersed in a sea of unregulated choices, amplified by app interfaces mirroring their favorite games. This environment fosters a growing disdain for traditional financial systems, perceived as outdated and unyielding. Inhabitants of these virtual worlds are eager to disrupt the status quo, ready to seize any opportunity for retribution against the established system. 



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2023 SXSW 
2023 DIFF 
2023 Milwaukee
2023 Mountain Film 
2023 Woodstock
2023 American Film Fest

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102' 2023 USA
Ondi Timoner
Skyler Knutzen, Ray Whitehouse
Jesse Gordon, Ondi Timoner
RatPac Documentary Films, Interloper Films, Third Eye Motion Picture Company