Sister of Mine

Sister of Mine

30' 2023
dir.: Mariusz Rusiński

What to do when the person closest to you is running from reality? An intimate and painfully real film about addiction, family and emotional patterns that block true intimacy.  

"Sister of Mine" presents an intensely personal and insightful exploration of familial bonds and dependencies. We journey alongside the director’s teenage sister as she works toward recovery from addiction to psychoactive substances. Through that lens, we delve into the nuanced dynamics of family relationships, uncovering hidden agreements and simmering conflicts that, despite loving intentions, seem destined to remain unresolved. The narrative unfolds to show the parents' evolution as they learn to offer support on their daughter's terms, grappling with their own sorrow born from feelings of miscommunication and the uneven distribution of affection among their children. The film confronts the heartache and frustration surrounding Zuzia's addiction, recognizing that such a struggle doesn't emerge in isolation. It raises probing questions about the influence of familial behavior patterns on the choices of adolescent children and contemplates the boundaries of parental responsibility. 


The Q&A on the 2nd of December is organised as part of the Support. Don't Punish campaign. 


2023 Krakow FF
2023 IDFA (Best Youth Documentary 13+ Award)

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30' 2023 Poland
Mariusz Rusiński
Mateusz Hernik
Jakub Kopeć
Munk Studio - Polish Filmmakers Association, Produkcja 316