93' 2023
dir.: Lina Plioplyte

A multidimensional look at menstruation, which, contrary to cultural stereotypes, does not have to be a shameful problem. 

When Courteney Cox first used the word period in a television ad for tampons in 1985, the world seemed to be on the verge of a moral revolution. How is it possible that today, nearly forty years later, menstruation is still a shameful and controversial topic? Together with the director, we look at patriarchal cultural norms, the instilled sense of shame and how women are systematically overlooked in important areas of life, from health to education. Although menstruation affects more than half the population, it is still an experience that remains on the fringes of public debate. However, the efforts of activists and organizations offer hope for a better tomorrow and the rejection of the paradigm created by men. 


WATCH DOCS nomination at the American Film Festival


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93' 2023 USA
Lina Plioplyte
Evan Carter
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Lauren Guiteras
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1-10 December