My Worst Enemy

My Worst Enemy

82' 2023
dir.: Mehran Tamadon

Acclaimed for Holy Spider, Zar Amir Ebrahimi in a controversial project to reconstruct an interrogation in an Iranian prison. An emotionally charged psychodrama. 

A fascinating cinematic experiment starring Zar Amir Ebrahimi (Holy Spider). Mehran Tamadon, an Iranian director living in France, regularly returns to his home country to make films, which – he wants to believe - will become the nucleus of dialogue between the regime and society. When his Iranian passport is taken along with the right to enter the country, Tamadon decides to face the dictatorship on his terms. He reconstructs a brutal interrogation to force brutal agents to reckon with their cruelty as he assumes the role of the interrogatee and Ebrahimi takes on the dark challenge of playing the torturer. When she materializes on screen the film gains momentum and hurtles into an intriguing and transfixing psychodrama. While Tamadon faces his limitations, Ebrahimi’s executioner must face her demons. 

Marta Lityńska 

2023 Berlinale
2023 Visions du Réel
2023 Sheffield Doc/ Fest
2023 Karlovy Vary IFF
2023 IDFA
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82' 2023 France, Switzerland
Mehran Tamadon
Patrick Tresch
Mehran Tamadon, Luc Forveille
L'atelier documentaire
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1-10 December