90' 2010
dir.: Helena Třeštíková

A breakthrough film by the master of insightful observational documentary; 14 years in the life of the eponymous Katka, trying unsuccessfully to break free from the vicious circle of addiction. 

One of the most important films by the Czech master. Třeštíková perfected the art of long-term observation of the characters in her films. Methodically, returning to them with a camera - sometimes over the course of several years – she was able to observe processes inaccessible to most of her colleagues. We meet Katka when, at the age of 19, she has already had her first experience with drugs. How will her life turn out? Will the call of the street turn out to be stronger than the desire for a normal life? Maintaining constant contact with her protagonist, the director records her successive ups and downs, moments of hope and doubt. Without prejudice and preconceived assumptions, it shows how reality ruthlessly verifies our plans. And how choices, often made under the influence of the moment, can decide the rest of your life.  

Konrad Wirkowski 


2010 Karlovy Vary IFF 
2010 Busan IFF 
2010 IDFA 
2011 Thessaloniki IFF 
2011 Planet Doc Review

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90' 2010 Czech Republic
Helena Třeštíková
Vlastimil Hamerník, Kristian Hynek, Martin Kubala, Ferdinand Mazurek, Brano Pazitka, Miroslav Soucek,Tomás Trestík
Jakub Hejna
Ceská Televize, Negativ, RWE