Hong Kong Mixtape

Hong Kong Mixtape

87' 2023
dir.: San San F Young

The dramatic fall of the last bastion of freedom in China. The history of protests in Hong Kong – this time in the context of an unusual explosion of street art in the revolutionary megalopolis. 

While commonly known for its financial and trade prowess, to the Chinese, Hong Kong represented a haven of freedom. Beyond the glass facades of its office towers thrived the true pulse of the city – a vibrant blend of street art, music, and dance. However, the 2019 introduction of an extradition bill by mainland China, threatening to extradite Hong Kong citizens to the People’s Republic, sparked massive street protests involving two million residents. During these protests, street art emerged as a symbol of defiance, manifesting in various urban interventions, music and even dance. 

Director San San F. Young revisits her city after more than a year of demonstrations were finally quelled. Her exploration uncovers the remnants of resistance that the authorities have diligently erased, along with the inventive yet now forbidden acts of civil disobedience. "It's a beautiful place, no one wants to leave it," the director’s mother reflects. The film poses the question: Can the spirited essence of Hong Kong endure despite these challenges? 

Marta Lityńska 

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