Danger Zone

Danger Zone

93' 2023
dir.: Vita Maria Drygas

The phenomenon of war tourism; who are the people willing to pay a lot of money to taste the "real masculine adventure" on the front lines?  

The front lines, impoverished neighborhoods, and camps of the so-called Islamic State in Nagorno-Karabakh, Syria, Afghanistan, and Somalia draw millions of dark tourism enthusiasts annually. Vita Maria Drygas’s film delves into the motivations of these individuals, who, embracing the "you only live once" maxim, seek to experience thrills reminiscent of Bruce Willis or Indiana Jones movies. The film, however, reveals that this phenomenon extends beyond mere adrenaline addiction or a fascination with death. It probes the boundaries between constructed fiction and real danger, the inception and conclusion of this tourist, neo-colonial spectacle, and the role of us, the viewers, in this context. 

Tadeusz Strączek 

2023 Warsaw IFF
2023 IDFA
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93' 2023 Poland, UK
Vita Maria Drygas
Bartosz Bieniek,
Mateusz Wajda
Milenia Fiedler,
Kamil Niewiński
Drygas Production, Dogwoof, Next Film