Dalton's Dream

Dalton's Dream

90' 2023
dir.: Kim Longinotto, Franky Murray Brown

Dalton’s Dream narrates the steep cost of authenticity. In 2018, Dalton Harris, a Jamaican singer, made history on the X-Factor UK as the first black, non-British victor. His candid revelation about his identity unleashed overwhelming hostility and plunged him into a creative crisis.

Kim Longinotto has always followed protagonists who defy conventions to transcend the societal restrictions. The documentary co-directed by Longinotto and Franky Murray Brown presents the story of Dalton Harris. This Jamaican native, blessed with a remarkable voice, broke barriers as the first black, non-British winner of the UK’s X-Factor in 2018. However, Dalton's ascent to fame was met with tribulations. His public embrace of a non-heteronormative identity sparked intense backlash from his compatriots. Undeterred by threats, Dalton courageously returns to Jamaica to confront his past and to perform at a major concert. Will reconnection with those who shaped him as an artist help him surmount his artistic challenges?


2023 Sheffield Doc/ Fest

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90' 2023 UK
Kim Longinotto, Franky Murray Brown
Franky Murray Brown, Kim Longinotto
Ollie Huddleston
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