Chornobyl 22

Chornobyl 22

20' 2023
dir.: Oleksiy Radynski

A fascinating close-up of one of the most mysterious episodes of the war in Ukraine. What did the Russians want to achieve by occupying Chornobyl – and how did the Ukrainians manage to thwart their plans? 

When Russian troops burst into Chernobyl in the spring of 2022, they awoke demons of the past. Based on the stories of the plant workers and their hidden camera footage, Oleksiy Radynski attempts to reconstruct the brief occupation of the contaminated zone and answer the fundamental question: what were the Russians trying to achieve there? 

Konrad Wirkowski 

2023 Oberhausen International Short Film Festival (Winner Grand Prize)
2023 Krakow FF
2023 Docudays UA (Special Mention)
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20' 2023 Ukraine
Oleksiy Radynski
Max Savchenko
Taras Spivak
Kinotron group
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December 1-10 as part of WATCH SHORTS (AT HOME)