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War Crimes, with Investigators in Ukraine

War Crimes, with Investigators in Ukraine

51' 2022
dir.: Marie-Laure Widmer Baggiolini

Their commitment means criminals in uniform will be brought to justice one day. The painstaking work of activists and investigators documenting Russian war crimes.

We don't know when the war in Ukraine will end, but no doubt the International Criminal Court will have enough evidence to try Russian war crimes - thanks to the detailed work of people whose efforts are portrayed in this film. Among them are Ukrainian investigators and employees of foreign organizations collecting evidence and shocking witness testimony on the spot. In order to explain the circumstances of specific events as accurately as possible, teams of analysts review and compare the available materials such as videos, photos, and captured recordings of conversations. They identify hard-to-find locations and the perpetrators who are trying to hide their identities. And although it is often hellishly difficult, they try to maintain professional objectivity.

Konrad Wirkowski

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51' 2022 Switzerland
Marie-Laure Widmer Baggiolini
Erwan Jagut
Ana Acosta
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2-11 December