The Therapy

The Therapy

80' 2021
dir.: Zvi Landsman

The closed community of Israeli orthodox Jews and the shocking practices of pseudo-therapists promising their confused clients a "cure" for homosexuality.

LGBT people belonging to closed religious communities have to cope with enormous pressure from their surroundings. Rejected by their loved ones, in the hope of finding any way out of the identity crisis, they often seek help from pseudo-therapists offering a "cure" for homosexuality. Like the characters in Zvi Landsman's film, raised in a Jewish orthodox community in Israel. So-called conversion therapy pits them with a terrifying choice: in order to continue functioning in the community, they must "suppress their unhealthy urges." Such conversion often causes permanent psychological damage and is banned in many places. However, it still functions in conservative societies, where religious fanatics exert a powerful influence. Like in Poland, for example. 

Konrad Wirkowski 

2021 DocAviv (Special Jury Award)
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80' 2021 Israel
Zvi Landsman
Zvi Landsman
Shira Clara Winther
Tree House Productions, Pedro Films