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Happy Worker — or how the work was sabotaged

Happy Worker — or how the work was sabotaged

80' 2022
dir.: John Webster

When did work stop being rewarding and become associated with stress and depression? What does the corporate dream of efficiency have in common with the Allies’ WWII-era instructions for saboteurs? 

Stressed and burned-out? Join the club! Join us for a film story about the absurdities of contemporary work culture shows the lack of decision-making power, an unintelligible structure, endless meetings, bureaucracy and continuous ASAPs, as the elements of our daily work, were described decades ago. However, it wasn’t in a management guide, but a World War II-era Allied instruction for saboteurs. How did phenomena objectively considered harmful take root in our offices for good? And what does the corporate obsession with efficiency lead to? A film about the loneliness of the modern employee and a system to which we, without hesitation, devote everything that is important, without getting anything in return.

Marta Lityńska

2022 IDFA
2022 CPH:DOX
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80' 2022 Finland
John Webster
Jarkko T. Laine F.S.C, Sun Kim
Kimmo Taavila
Yellow Film & TV
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2-11 December