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The Last Generation

The Last Generation

59' 2021
dir.: Mikołaj Borowy

A direct and honest portrait of a young generation of climate activists in which we witness the euphoria of collective action and police brutality, enthusiasm and burnout.

This is an extremely empathetic but also honest portrait of young activists working to save the world from a climactic Apocalypse. We observe the teenagers during spectacular actions, but also in moments of doubt, when loneliness in the face of a great challenge replaces the euphoric sense of community. Dynamic shots of the roadblocks, documenting the police brutality, share the screen with a careful observation of coming of age. What is the essence of activism? How much can you sacrifice for the good of The Cause with a capital "C"? Young activists approach the issue of freedom and commitment with remarkable maturity. Their prudence, determination and true sense of community offer hope that the Earth still has a future.

Konrad Wirkowski


Q&A with film director after the screening on 10.12


2021 Millennium Docs Against Gravity 

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59' 2021 Poland
Mikołaj Borowy
Lena Jabłońska
Mikołaj Borowy, Lena Jabłońska, Julia Muszyńska
Plesnar & Krauss FILMS
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10 dec, 09:00 – 19 dec