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On The Divide

On The Divide

79' 2021
dir.: Leah Galant, Maya Cueva

Fight for the last abortion clinic on the US-Mexico border.  

The film takes place right on the border between the US and Mexico, but this time the eponymous line concerns a different kind of divisions. The protagonists’ lives revolve around the last abortion clinic in the area. Mercedes, who has a history of drug use and gang membership, protests with the fervor of a religious neophyte against abortion. On the other side is Denisse, one of the local volunteers who helps women in need to reach the clinic. Both are Latinas and mothers of many children, both of them firmly believe in their mission. The filmmakers expose deep societal divisions driven by religious fundamentalism where escalation of the conflict, all the more dangerous as practically everyone has access to firearms, will have consequences. The victim turns out to be the third protagonist of "On the Divide" - Rey, who works as the clinic's security guard.

Konrad Wirkowski


2021 American Film Festival

2021 Tribeca

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79' 2021 USA 
Leah Galant, Maya Cueva
Leah Galant
Berenice Chávez
Fishbowl Films, Willa Productions
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