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In His Image

In His Image

72' 2020
dir.: Tami Ravid

The crossroads of bioethics: parents of Israeli soldiers collect the sperm of the fallen in order to become grandparents. 

Ludmila's son died as a soldier in the Israeli army. His semen was collected 30 hours after his death and frozen. For many years, the woman fought in court for her son to become a father posthumously and is now very proud of her granddaughter. Tami Ravid compassionately and impartially shows the stories of two other families going through a similar process. However, the director does not shy away from posing ethical questions. Is a child born many years after the death of a soldier father created to become his living monument and fulfill the needs of the mourning family? Ravid focuses on her characters allowing them to speak their truth. She carefully looks at a case that combines many threads - legal, bioethical, of war, memory, family, and the personal stories and choices of women whose loved ones have died.

Michał Matuszewski

2020 IDFA 
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72' 2020 Netherlands
Tami Ravid
Philippe Bellaiche
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