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As I Want

As I Want

88' 2021
dir.: Samaher Alqadi

A brave voice of opposition to the pervasive sexual violence in an extremely patriarchal Egyptian society.

Director Samaher Alqadi refuses to let men continue to mansplain her world. In her remarkably topical, feminist and political manifesto, she exposes patriarchal power and control structures. As she wanders the streets of Cairo, Alqadi documents various forms of aggression against women, ranging from condescending remarks about appearance and clothing to brutal violence. Her weapon and response to humiliation, paternalizing and intimidation are reactions that fall outside traditional cultural patterns. The director does not avoid confrontation with men and refuses to let her voice get taken away. Although the starting point for her reflections are the terrifying events of Tahrir Square in 2013 and the situation in the Middle East, her observations could not be more universal. The protagonists of Alqadi’s documentary evoke genuine admiration in their struggle for a new reality and to change the world around them.  

Tadeusz Strączek 



2021 CPH:DOX

2021 DokuFest

2021 Berlinale

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88' 2021 Egypt, France, Norway, Palestine
Samaher Alqadi
Samaher Alqadi, Karim El Hakim
Gladys Joujou
Prophecy Films
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