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Chickens, Virus and Us

Chickens, Virus and Us

74' 2020
dir.: Filip Remunda

Keeping chickens as a way of environmentally educate children during a move to the countryside forced by the lockdown.  

It is March 2020 and the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. A Czech family travels to the countryside, accompanied by a cat and a stuffed bat. After some time, a family experiment takes place, the aim of which is to save several laying hens from cage farming at a nearby farm. As the rescued birds discover the charms of a new life in their backyard, the family becomes increasingly involved in the protection of animal rights and distrustfully acceeds to officials' assurances that the hens in cages are happy. Filip Remunda, the provocateur known from "Czech Dream," knows how to tell difficult stories in a funny and thought-provoking way. "Chickens, Virus and Us" is a film that will delight viewers of all ages. A possible side effect of the screening may be the desire to adopt hens and move to the countryside.

Zuzanna Połynko

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74' 2020 Czech Republic
Filip Remunda
Martin Tokar, Filip Remunda
Hana Dvorackova
Czech TV, Hypermarket Film
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10 dec, 09:00 – 19 dec