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Jozi Gold

Jozi Gold

74' 2019
dir.: Sylvia Vollenhoven, Fredrik Gertten

Mariette Liefferink versus the giants - will the authorities and gold mine owners in Johannesburg take responsibility for their environmental disaster?

Impeccable manners, distinctive pronunciation, high heels, extravagant outfits, makeup and jewelry. The protagonist of the film by Sylvia Vollenhoven and Fredrik Gertten is a very stylish star, although she does not shine in the firmaments of business or fashion. At first, business giants seem to even dismiss her with a benevolent smile. They are making a mistake as they are facing a formidable human rights defender. Mariette Lefferink wears fake gold ornaments because she considers real gold to be dirty. Almost literally - the uranium used to mine it is carried by the wind and deposited on everything around like a sinister memento of Johannesburg's golden past. Neither the owners of large mines nor the state feel responsible for the tragic consequences incurred by the poor neighborhoods of the city adjacent to the mines. With self-mockery, but also with characteristic confidence, Mariette, a former Jehovah's Witness, says, “I just think that perhaps God has lost his interest in mankind. And that is why I've felt it is now my duty to go out and try to restore some sense of justice." 

Maciej Nowicki

CPH:DOX 2020
Encounters South African IDF 2019
74' 2019 Sweden, South Africa, Norway
Sylvia Vollenhoven, Fredrik Gertten
Maanda Nwendamutswu
Stefan Sundlöf
WG Film