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The Green Lie

The Green Lie

93' 2018
dir.: Werner Boote

A behind-the-scenes of how products and companies are greenwashed. 


Are green products a way to save the world from disaster or a clever marketing ploy to fuel consumption? Werner Boote's film analyzes the market for "green" goods - from groceries to electric cars. Traveling around the world, he looks behind the scenes of new, environmentally-friendly corporate images, exposing marketing strategies that exploit growing Western awareness of ecology to vault profits. The film shows how often simple social engineering tricks influence our perception of a given product as environmentally friendly. When did we let ourselves be persuaded that buying "consciously" can save the world? And that our commitment to the environment can come down to just that - consumer choices? 

Konrad Wirkowski

HumanDoc FF 2019
Viennale 2018
Bergen IFF 2018
Millennium Docs Against Gravity 2018
CPH:DOX 2018
Thessaloniki IFF 2018
Berlinale 2018
93' 2018 Austria
Werner Boote
Dominik Spritzendorfer, Mario Hötschl
Gernot Grassl, Roland Buzzi
e&a film