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Stolen Fish

Stolen Fish

30' 2020
dir.: Gosia Juszczak

Globalization in a nutshell - Chinese investments in Gambia are taking jobs from local fishermen, forcing them to emigrate

The construction of a Chinese fish processing plant completely changes the situation for the residents of Gunjur, on the Gambian coast. Fish was once a staple of local cuisine and the economy. These days, the fish are caught commercially by giant trawlers and turned into meal on-site, which is then sent to China and Europe as feed for livestock. Meanwhile, unemployed Gambian fishermen are joining the ranks of migrants seeking a better life in Europe. By revealing the next dominoes to fall, the filmmaker gives voice to those who are the biggest losers in game of globalization. 

Konrad Wirkowski


Sheffield Doc/Fest 2020

Festiwal Mediów Człowiek w Zagrożeniu 2020

30' 2020 United Kingdom, Poland, Spain
Gosia Juszczak
Filip Drożdż
Adriana F. Castellanos
Minority Rights Group International, Compassion in World Farming, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Spain