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The State Capture

The State Capture

79' 2019
dir.: Zuzana Piussi

How deep do the ties among Slovak politicians, journalists and secret services go?

The death of the Slovak journalist Ján Kuciak, shot by a hired gunman in 2018, is the starting point for a sensational journalistic investigation. Zuzanna Piussi uncovers the connections between business, the criminal world, the media, and intelligence agencies. During her ongoing research, the filmmaker conducts a series of interviews with investigative journalists and former intelligence officers. What emerges is a shocking image of a state consumed by corruption, where criminals gain impunity because they have “dirt” that they use to blackmail influential politicians and journalists. Meanwhile, the facts revealed in the investigation stir up public opinion leading to nationwide protests. The authorities strike back, unleashing a campaign of hate against the protest organizers. The key question for the country’s future is how far does the influence of the shadowy oligarchs reach?

Konrad Wirkowski

Ji.hlava IDFF 2020
79' 2019 Slovakia, Czech Republic
Zuzana Piussi
Miro Remo
Šimon Špidla
Ultrafilm, D1film