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A Thousand Robes

A Thousand Robes

dir.: Kacper Lisowski

January 11, 2020, Warsaw - lawyers from 26 European countries demonstrate solidarity with Polish judges fighting for independent courts.

In Warsaw on January 11, 2020, judges, prosecutors and lawyers from 26 European countries demonstrated their solidarity with Polish judges fighting to maintain what remains of judicial independence. In the film we observe as they march in togas, shoulder to shoulder with Polish colleagues, surrounded by thousands of applauding Varsovians. Documenting this touching episode of the dramatic struggle for the rule of law that still lacks a happy ending, Kacper Lisowski also talks to the European judges participating in the march of a thousand gowns. Particularly poignant is the voice of a Turkish judge who knows from experience what happens when such a struggle is lost.

Maciej Nowicki


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2020 Poland
Kacper Lisowski
Kacper Lisowski, Piotr Bukojemski, Andrzej Szypulski
Bartosz Pietras Psm, Marcin Sołtysik
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