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Once You Know

Once You Know

104' 2020
dir.: Emmanuel Cappellin

From climate-related depression to finding practical solutions for difficult times

How does it feel when you already know no miracle will happen to stop a climate catastrophe? As a committed filmmaker and activist, Emmanuel Cappellin decided to dedicate his film to global warming. He suffered a nervous breakdown on his way to China aboard a giant container ship. The climate depression forced him to reevaluate his life and make several key choices. But his film is not a chronicle of internal dilemmas. Starting from very personal experiences, Cappellin does not lose sight of the wider context; instead of creating another warning of the impending crisis, he shows how to minimize its effects. He visits people who have had to learn to deal with extreme weather events and their aftermath and talks to experts who are looking for practical solutions for difficult times. Sooner or later we will all have to face the tough questions posed by his film. 

Konrad Wirkowski

Hong Kong IFF 2020 - Jury Prize
AFO and CZU FF 2020 - Grand Prize
DokuFest 2020
104' 2020 France
Emmanuel Cappellin
Emmanuel Cappellin
Anne-Maarie Sangla
Pulp Films