The Pack

The Pack

52' 2022
dir.: Tadeusz Chudy

Prison, dogs, and an open-minded guard. Can recidivists with lengthy sentences save local shelter animals from euthanasia? 

As part of a special rehabilitation program, a group of repeat offenders with lengthy sentences train dogs from a nearby animal shelter. If they succeed, they will increase the chances of their charges being adopted and living a normal life. If not, the dogs will be put to sleep. Convicts, who know all about prison life, must prove themselves in a completely new competition that requires patience, steadfastness and empathy. Supported by a non-conformist prison guard who has worked with drug-sniffing dogs for years, they sometimes face their own demons consciously for the first time in their lives. Will they be able to save the animals? And how will this whole process, which requires emotional engagement, affect the psyche of people living in a world where emotions are not allowed? 

Konrad Wirkowski

2022 Krakow FF
free entry
52' 2022 Poland
Tadeusz Chudy
Tadeusz Chudy
Krzysztof Nowak