73' 2020
dir.: Saskia Gubbels

At the largest Dutch animal shelter people go out of their way to prepare dogs for adoption in the best possible way – shown alongside the adorable animals they look after.

The largest animal shelter in the Netherlands where the same tasks are performed here every day - cleaning, feeding, veterinary consultations, training and behavioral tests. Gloomy interiors contrast with the dedication of employees and volunteers who share the common goal of finding the best homes for their charges: abandoned dogs, cats, rodents and birds. We observe the struggles of these animals, we see how much they love their caregivers and we root for their progress. However, not every story has a happy ending. Some cases are particularly difficult and the Dutch domestic animal protection system is inexorable.

Marta Lityńska

2020 IDFA
2021 DocAviv
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73' 2020 Netherlands
Saskia Gubbels
Jean Counet, Aafke Beernink, Maasja Ooms
Riekje Ziengs, Jeroen Goeijers, Mieneke Kramer, Jelle Redeker
Janneke Doolaard for DOXY, Harmen Jalvingh/ DOXY