The latest Polish film about the war in Ukraine in cinemas from 7 October!

"The Hamlet Syndrome" - a documentary by Elwira Niewiera and Piotr Rosołowski (directors of, among others, "Domino Effect" and the famous "The Prince and the Dybbuk") - is celebrating festival triumphs in Poland and abroad, and will hit cinemas from 7 October!

To be or not to be in Ukraine. A portrait of a generation for whom war has become an everyday reality.

In cinemas
Praise for The Hamlet Syndrome:

Since Russia's attack on Ukraine on 24 February 2022. Katya, Slavik
and Roman have been fighting in the ranks of the Ukrainian Army.
They are in hell again and fighting for their country, for their freedom.
Thanks to our film, we can experience for ourselves, what this means.

Elwira Niewiera, director of the film

"The Hamlet Syndrome", winner of the Krakow Film Festival,
is an extraordinary portrait of Ukraine standing in solidarity in danger
despite the differences that divide it.

Dawid Dróżdż, Gazeta Wyborcza

"To be or not to be" - ponders a group of Ukrainians on the stage of the theatre,
preparing for an experimental performance. In their mouths,
these Hamletian words sound even more dramatic than ever.

Bliżej Ekranu

The film has received a quality mark from the Film Educators' Team
Read the recommendation of experts here.