Wednesday and Thursday - what have we got in store?

Masterclass by Tudor Giurgiu, a debate on food and moving stories of the young Belarusian generation - coming up at WATCH DOCS!

'Libertate' is the only feature film in the WATCH DOCS programme. In this movie based on true events, Tudor Giurgiu reconstructs the course of the 1989 revolution in the Romanian city of Sibiu. The world, hitherto bound together by the iron grip of a dictator, crumbles like a house of cards overnight. The director's masterclass follows the screening.

The Muranów Cinema invites the public to see Motherland and the discussion 'The Exiled Generation'. According to the festival's program director Konrad Wirkowski, it is "a total film whose monumental form is closely linked to its content. Everything here has a symbolic dimension - the leaden sky, like the lid of a coffin, closes over the heads of the protagonists, and the sun comes out from behind the clouds only in scenes showing the Belarusian carnival of freedom in August 2020."

On Thursday, we will look at what we eat and what we will eat in the future. After the screening of the film Grasshopper Republic, which tells the story of cricket hunting in Uganda, we invite you to the debate "Eating right, right to eat?". International conventions guarantee all people the right to a dignified life, including the right to food. Just what does this mean? Is there a difference between being fed and eating well? And what will we want and need to eat in the future? The screening will start at 18:00 at the Muranów Cinema, with a discussion at 19:45.

On Wednesday and Friday, there will also be an opportunity to meet Masha Novikova, director of the film Russia vs Lawyers. WATCH DOCS hosts the world premiere of this film, which is a portrait of the last righteous: Russian lawyers who, disregarding the consequences, defend prisoners of conscience in court.