Join us for an enlightening panel discussion as East European documentary filmmakers, seasoned in their fight against corruption, censorship and the absence of national film funds, come together to explore how they can extend their support to colleagues in some of the EU countries. In the face of rising threats to free speech by far-right governments in Central Europe, this panel will draw from their experiences, and share insights and strategies to foster solidarity and practical support. Together, they represent the essential role of independent filmmaking in upholding democracy and the freedom of expression. Explore the profound impact of storytelling amid adversity and the unwavering commitment of filmmakers dedicated to truth and human rights.

Speakers: Maciej Nowicki (Poland), Mariam Chachia (Georgia), Oleksandra Kravchenko (Ukraine), Lorand Balazs Imre (Hungary)
Moderator: Alex Shiriaieff (Sweden)

The panel discussion is arranged by the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights / WATCH DOCS Human Rights in Film Festival and Baltic to Black Sea Documentary Network.

Industry Meetup: Changing the Paradigm

15 November 2023 

Time: 2:00 pm

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