Saturday, 10 December at WATCH DOCS - last cinema screenings!

The festival is ending and you didn't have time to go to the cinema? Don't worry, we're here to help.

► Kinoteka - the last film screenings!

  • MARA. BELARUSIAN DREAM - 5 pm Sasha Kułak's dream-like film is a very personal story of Belarusian protests, a time of hope and social unity when everything seemed possible.
  • FASHION REIMAGINED  - 6 pm A British designer travels the world trying to find materials that hurt neither animals nor humans. 
  • SHELTERED - 6:15 pm At the largest Dutch animal shelter people go out of their way to prepare dogs for adoption in the best possible way – shown alongside the adorable animals they look after.
  • WHILE WE WATCHED 8 pm As the public news broadcasting system gets replaced by private monopolies, independent journalists grapple with the challenges of doing their job, paying a heavy emotional cost for speaking truth to power.

Tonight we will announce the winners of the Main Competition and Green Competition! 

Tomorrow, the winning film is screened at 5 pm at Kinoteka. Get your free ticket at the cinema box office.