WATCH DOCS daily schedule: the first Friday of the festival (Dec 4)

The first Friday of the 20th WATCH DOCS. Human Rights in Film IFF means the first conversations with the filmmakers! 

Every day on our Facebook page we will broadcast debates and meetings with filmmakers and film protagonists, activists, experts and publicists.

On the first Friday of the festival you can join us for:

5:00 p.m. - a talk with Mads Ellesøe, director of "The Campaign Against the Climate"

As Konrad Wirkowski, festival's programming director, writes about the film: "Nowadays it would seem that it is impossible to convincingly question the thesis about the influence of humans on the process of global warming. And yet the big fossil fuel companies spend millions every year on “studies” to prove that climate change is just a leftist fad. Supposed think tanks—constantly featuring the same pseudo-experts—promote a climate lie that is spread mainly in conservative circles. The filmmakers reveal their hidden connections with the oil giants and their efforts to conceal their role in the climate crisis." 

7:00 p.m. - a talk with Maksim Shved, the director of "Pure Art" and "What Will We Do Tomorrow?"

"Pure Art" - Konrad Wirkowski: "In his film, Maksim Shved follows in the footsteps of the Minsk-based artist Zahar Kudin, one of Belarus’s most interesting young painters. Kudin is inspired by ... municipal administration employees who paint over graffiti."

"What Will We Do Tomorrow?" - Konrad Wirkowski: "The police arrested Maksim Shved during one of the first post-election demonstrations in Minsk. For several days he was wondering what kind of Belarus will see after his release from custody."

We would like to remind you that all the films can be watched throughout the festival, until midnight on December 13. A ticket for a single screening is 9 PLN and a pass for 5 films - 30 PLN. Debates and meetings with filmmakers are free of charge and broadcasted on the WATCH DOCS Facebook page.