Our interview with Oleg Sentsov in wyborcza.pl!

Boycott of Russian cinematography? I am for a boycott of any product coming from Russia. Whether it's oil, gas or film, it doesn't matter," says Ukrainian director Oleh Sentsov. The winner of the Sakharov Prize, who served five years in a Russian gulag, joined the army after the invasion of Ukraine and is fighting on the frontline in Donbass.

Patrycja Wanat, spokesperson of the WATCH DOCS festival, had the opportunity to talk to Oleh Sentsov - a Crimean-born Ukrainian film director, political prisoner and winner of the 2018 Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought awarded by the European Parliament.

The interview was published in wyborcza.pl, and the direct link to the conversation can be found here

We also encourage you to visit the virtual exhibition prepared by the European Parliament on the Sakharov Prize in the context of human rights in the world.


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