The latest short documentaries by Belarusian filmmakers at 20th WATCH DOCS IFF

At WATCH DOCS. Human Rights in Film IFF we have always kept our finger on the pulse of current events. This year is no different. We found documentary filmmakers who filmed the aftermath of mass protests in Belarus. During special screenings, we will show short films that were made just a few days after the rigged elections.

"Forced Retirement", dir. Andrei Kutsila

Produced literally just a few days after the outbreak of mass protests in Belarus, the film features the story of a well-known Belarusian TV journalist. Andrei Kutsila watches her in the hospital, where she ended up after being beaten by the police during a demonstration against the rigged elections. Why, with so much to lose, did she decide to risk her position, and how does she envision the future? 

"What Will We Do Tomorrow?", dir. Maksim Shved

The police arrested Maksim Shved during one of the first post-election demonstrations in Minsk. For several days he wondered what kind of Belarus he would see after being released. What will the first day of freedom be like? What to eat, what to drink, where to go first? What he ultimately sees, however, will be more awe-inspiring than anything imaginable.

"How Can I Help You?", dir. Yekaterina Markaviec

In her film, Yekaterina Markaviec looks at psychologists who set up a volunteer help center for people hurt during protests. While getting out their traumas brings relief, there is no doubt that the unprecedented brutality of the Belarusian police will leave deep scars on their psyches.

20th WATCH DOCS Human Rights in Film International Film Festival will take place online December 4-13, on the platform. Beginning December 14, will feature a selection of films from previous festival editions, in the "20 Years of WATCH DOCS" collection. These films will be available for viewing free of charge through December 30