WATCH DOCS is on the road again

The awaited 18th WATCH DOCS Travelling Festival has finally started. The program features audience favorites, including the winner of the 2019 Audience Award For They Know Not What They Do – a film that tells the story of four religious families in which a child came out non-heteroromative.


Other important documentaries that will be shown this fall during the Travelling Festival are:

  • From Shock to Awe - Millions of veterans of American wars pay an extremely high price for their duty on a daily basis. As a rule, their deep psychological wounds can’t be healed by pharmaceuticals or even traditional psychotherapy. The protagonists of From Shock to Awe, decide therefore to try a much older tradition: the Ayahuasca rituals from the Amazon. In telling this extremely moving human story, the filmmakers expose a glaring injustice: Those who are sent to the frontlines and given the power to kill are later denied power even over their own bodies, as they are forbidden the use of a treatment that could bring them liberation.
  • The Gospel of Eureka - With barely 2,000 inhabitants, Eureka Springs, Arkansas, can boast of healing waters, a great statue of Christ, spectacular Passion Plays and Christian drag shows. This spectacular, humorous and empathetic film about love, faith and human rights convinces us that the soul of America has not yet been lost.    
  • Little Germans - This shocking film by Frank Geiger and Mohammad Farokhmanesh shows us the fate of children raised among German neo-fascists. Almost from birth, they are force-fed slogans about racial purity; deprived of contact with people who think differently, they are taught hatred and contempt for non-Aryans. 
  • A selection of excellent short documentaries from around the world – from Guantanamo through Cape Town all the way to India – produced by Field of Vision, a collective awarded with the Marek Nowicki Prize for excellent achievement in showing human rights in film.
  • And finally, The Flashpoint – the opening film of the 19th edition of WATCH DOCS IFF. There is probably no symbol in contemporary Poland as socially divisive as the ancient sign of the covenant and harmony: the rainbow. When Julita Wójcik created her rainbow art installation, she was aware of its many meanings and connotations—all positive. Soon, however, when her colorful present for a beleaguered society—with its unifying intentions—appeared on one of the Warsaw’s squares, it turned out that the gift was unacceptable to some. In this cinematic story told by Wojtek Jankowski, the literal and figurative—concrete social observation and metaphor—are inseparably linked with a rarely seen power of expression.


You can find more information in WATCH DOCS Travelling Festival​​​​​​​ section where we update the list of the upcoming events and festival programs for each city.


We would also like to ensure that all precautions will be taken at the events in accordance with  the prevention guidelines for COVID-19 developed by the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate.


See you on the road!