WATCH DOCS partners with HER Docs Film Festival

HER Docs is a festival presenting the oeuvre of female film auteurs. Its second edition is about to begin. WATCH DOCS. Human Rights in Film IFF has become a partner of the "Unsettled" section, which presents films about the problems of contemporary migration and shows it through the stories of individuals.

"People have been migrating since time immemorial. In search of a place to live, fertile soil to grow crops, or safe shelter. For work, for family, for dreams. With exotic goods to sell or hands ready to work. They traveled in groups and individually. On foot, on horseback, and by ship. They carried with them ideas, religious and philosophical systems and great scientific discoveries unknown in other parts of the world. Migration is an integral part of human history. Thanks to it, people have been able to populate the farthest corners of our planet, and each meeting of cultures has contributed to the development of entire communities.

Until one day, borders stood in the way of travelers. With them came passports, visas and a sophisticated system of border protection. Guards, walls and modern technologies. Drones and night vision devices. Of course, it didn't happen one day. It all happened gradually, as the world progressed and the divide between wealthier and less wealthy countries deepened. And while migration has not changed its nature, our perception of it has. We have divided ourselves into "our own" and "foreigners". Those from here and those from far away. And then we allowed ourselves to believe that this migration is a political issue. And we put our freedom of movement in the hands of politicians. Somewhere along the way, we completely forgot that migration is deeply rooted in human nature. They were, they are and they will be. And no wall can change that," wrote Marta Górczyńska, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights expert and Konrad Wirkowski, WATCH DOCS Programming Director, in the section opening text.

In the "Unsettled" section, you will find four feature-length films and five shorts. You can find all the films of the HER Docs Festival until 28 October in Warsaw: in Kinoteka, Kino Muranów and Kino Elektronik, and online until 31 October.