WATCH DOCS nominations at the American Film Festival!

The 12th edition of the American Film Festival starts today in Wrocław. Until November 14, Nowy Horyzonty Cinema will host the screenings of most interesting new features and documentaries from the United States. 

WATCH DOCS has been cooperating with AFF for many years and therefore we would like to invite you to the screenings in Wrocław. We especially recommend three nominated documentaries, which after the American Film Festival, will be screened in Warsaw cinemas and online during the 21st edition of WATCH DOCS in December:

- The Story Won't Die - personal stories of Syrian artists in exile: a portrait of a group of artists who are able to use the experience of the horrors of war in an unconventional way. Journalist Jakub Demiańczuk, describes the characters in the film as follows: "A young rapper imprisoned for several months for a song criticizing Bashar al-Assad, a choreographer tortured by the secret police, a graphic artist whose brother gets conscripted into the army and dies while attempting to desert - young artists who believed change was possible in Syria and opposed the regime during the Arab Spring." The film's director, David Henry Gerson, will be a guest at the 21st WATCH DOCS Festival. Human Rights in Film.
- Enemies of the State - a story full of shocking twists and turns about a hacker who allegedly managed to steal the CIA's most guarded secrets. Some put Matt DeHart's name in line with Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning, others see him as a mere fraudster trying to mask his crimes by pretending to be an activist aggrieved by the American government. DeHart, a former US intelligence analyst associated with the group Anonymous and WikiLeaks, says he discovered documents proving the CIA's involvement in attacks on American soil. Shortly thereafter, he was arrested and convicted of distributing child pornography and soliciting minors online. What in this confusing story is truth and what is manipulation? 

- On the Divide - a timely, honest, and painfully universal story about abortion in Texas. Maya Cueva and Leah Galant look at the battle over the last abortion clinic on the US-Mexico border. It is not only the subject matter that stirs emotions but also the strong, memorable characters on both sides of the ideological barricade. The authors of the film will come to Warsaw in December at the invitation of WATCH DOCS to meet with the audience. 

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