WATCH DOCS daily schedule: Sunday, Dec 13

The last day of the festival is ahead of us! We would like to thank you for joining us at this year's discussions and screenings and invite you to stay with us today! The Sunday program includes an exceptional debate on climate change and a meeting with Gosia Juszczak, the director of the beautiful "Stolen fish."

5:00 p.m. A talk with Gosia Juszczak, director of "Stolen Fish," and Mustapha Manneh, activist from the Gambia

About the film: The construction of a Chinese fish processing plant completely changes the situation for the residents of Gunjur, on the Gambian coast. Fish was once a staple of local cuisine and the economy. These days, the fish are caught commercially by giant trawlers and turned into meal on-site, which is then sent to China and Europe as feed for livestock. Meanwhile, unemployed Gambian fishermen are joining the ranks of migrants seeking a better life in Europe. By revealing the next dominoes to fall, the filmmaker gives voice to those who are the biggest losers in game of globalization. 

6:00 p.m. DEBATE: The view from America: Who controls the conversation about the environment?

Our thinking about the looming ecological catastrophe and its prevention is shaped, to a large extent, by eco-activists and... large corporations. Will the latter manage to reduce our concern for the environment to consumer choices?

We invite you to a discussion on the American experience of treating the environment as a battlefield. We will talk about abuses of persuasion in this realm, such as greenwashing, in connection with Mads Ellesøe's films "The Campaign Against the Climate" and Werner Boote's "The Green Lie."


  • Beata Faracik - president of the Polish Institute for Human Rights and Business
  • Ryan Kaminski - Global Public Policy Lead, World Benchmarking Alliance
  • Jan Kisielewski - business communication and cultural trends analyst


  • Anna Tatarska - film and cultural journalist

Language of the discussion: English. 

The meeting will be streamed on WATCH DOCS's Facebook page.