One of the most interesting and most important films of the WATCH DOCS available on!

One of the most interesting and most important films in recent years of the WATCH DOCS. Human Rights in Film international film festival available for free online on!

From December 20 to January 6 one of the most acclaimed and most interesting films of recent WATCH DOCS Human Rights in Film editions will be available for free on We have curated for you the winners of many festivals, films that expose unknown stories, stories about the New York police, a fishing village in Venezuela, neo-Nazi movements, one of the world's most famous independent newspapers, the fight for the right to abortion in Ireland, the situation in Belarus on the eve of elections, and a refugee from Chechnya who finds help with a famous Polish family. These are must-see documentaries!

From December 20 to January 6 on you will find:

Everybody Cleaned Their Plates!  - Madina fled Chechnya: from her abusive husband, from poverty, a lack of a future and an oppressive society. The story of her journey through Russia, Belarus and months of torment at the Brest railway station would be enough material for a separate film. When she finally manages to get across the border, in Poland Madina turns from a crushed victim of domestic violence into a strong, independent woman. Thanks to a lucky coincidence, she meets Katarzyna Błażejewska, wife of a famous actor, and moves in with the Stuhr family.

Once Upon a Time in Venezuela - Congo Mirador is a floating fishing village on Lake Maracaibo. Although the views are breathtaking, life is not easy here. The lake is overgrown and the water polluted by waste from a nearby refinery. It is a microcosm of all of Venezuela's problems. Years of neglect of an inefficient system, which uses pervasive corruption to survive – it’s so common that no one even tries to hide it. Screaming propaganda attempts to mask the chronic shortage of goods. Although posters with Chavez still hang on the walls, hardly anyone here believes in revolutionary ideals anymore. The village is coming apart at the seams - and so is the entire country. The main characters in the film are two strong women, a representative of the local nomenclature, Tamara, and a teacher, Natalie, who does not hide her sympathy for the opposition.

Crime + Punishment - Stephen Maing's latest documentary chronicles a groundbreaking trial brought by twelve New York City police officers. The whistleblowers agree to end the harassment of innocent citizens, especially African and Latin Americans, intended to inflate police statistics and pump up the city's police budget.

Exit - Karen Winther's heroes have a radical past; most operated in neo-fascist structures in Scandinavia, Germany and the USA. All committed acts of extreme violence against people of different views or skin color. But they have something else in common - like the director of the film, they decided to betray their old ideals and leave the ranks of their groups.

Novaya - Askold Kurow, author of "The Trial" dedicated to Oleh Sentsov, in his latest film again touches upon topics inconvenient for the Kremlin authorities. Novaya Gazeta is a legend of independent Russian journalism. Since 2000, as many as six of its journalists have paid with their lives for uncompromising efforts to reveal the truth about Putin's Russia. The director follows the hectic process of creating new issues of the newspaper, records moments of breakdown and euphoria, parties and conflicts.

Eighth Amendment - In 1983, the Eighth Amendment was introduced to the Irish Constitution as a result of a referendum, drastically limiting women's access to legal abortion. Thirty-five years later, on May 25, 2018, the results of the referendum are completely different and 66% of voters support abolishing the eighth amendment. How did this profound social change come about? The filmmakers follow the RepealThe8th campaign, focusing their eyes on pro-choice veteran Ailbhe Smyth and the remarkable "glitter activist" Andrea Horan. But they also look at the counter-campaign and give voice to its animators.

The Route Recalculated - We know what happened in Belarusian streets in autumn 2020. We remember the mass demonstrations and the regime’s shockingly brutal reaction. We know the truth about the arrests, torture and hundreds of Belarusian political prisoners. Thanks to the film by Maksim Szwed, we can see what the inhabitants of Minsk lived through on the day before the memorable presidential election. The protagonists of "The Route Recalculated" are two taxi drivers with opposing views - and their passengers.