Top 10 most watched films at the 20th WATCH DOCS IFF

A whole week of the festival has passed, but you still have two more days to watch the best documentaries from around the world at the 20th WATCH DOCS IFF.

What films do you watch the most? Here are the top ten most popular titles so far:

1. COMBO: 7TH OF AUGUST, dir. Michał Bolland + A THOUSAND ROBES, dir. Kacper Lisowski

Protest społeczności LGBT w Warszawie i pokazowe zatrzymania – czy 7 sierpnia The protest of the LGBT community in Warsaw and show arrests - did the events of August 7, 2020, awaken queer rage in Poland?

January 11, 2020, Warsaw - lawyers from 26 European countries demonstrate solidarity with Polish judges fighting for independent courts.

2. THE GREEN LIE, dir. Werner Boote

A behind-the-scenes of how products and companies are greenwashed. 

3. INFLUENCE, dir. Diana Neille, Richard Poplak

The rise and fall of a famed political marketing agency specializing in mending the image of compromised regimes

4. COMOBO: STOLEN FISH, dir: Gosia Juszczak + THE CAMPAIGN AGAINST THE CLIMATE, dir. Mads Ellesøe

Globalization in a nutshell - Chinese investments in Gambia are taking jobs from local fishermen, forcing them to emigrate

How oil-funded "experts" disinform the public about global warming.

5. ONCE UPON A TIME IN VENEZUELA, dir. Anabel Rodríguez Ríos

A title that could not be missing on this list is the winning film of this year's WATCH DOCS competition  – a story about a floating village on Lake Maracaibo and its inhabitants.

6. 'TIL KINGDOM COME, dir. Maya Zinshtein

American Evangelicals and Israel - Faith in the Bible's end times prophecy and world politics. In her electrifying documentary, Maya Zinshtein reveals the dangerous ties between religion and politics. 

7. SUNLESS SHADOWS, dir. Mehrdad Oskouei

A moving film about violence against women. The everyday life of adolescent girls in a correctional facility—filled with sadness, but also with the joy and hope that come from sisterhood. 

8. THE 8TH, dir. Aideen Kane, Lucy Kennedy, Maeve O'Boyle

It is a great coincidence and a good sign that the "The 8th," a film about Irish women winning the right to legal abortion, ranked in the 8th place among the most watched films.


How has the Independence March in Warsaw changed? November 11 - from 2016 to 2020.

10. MENTAL, dir. Kazuhiro Soda

An amazing Japanese psychiatrist and his home clinic.

In the program we present several dozen films. The festival lasts only until Sunday, December 13, until midnight!