Animal Human Rights. Discussion after the screening of the film “Sheltered”

Animal Human Rights. Discussion after the screening of the film “Sheltered”

Every animal that goes to a shelter has a story. The shelter employees must discover that story to give the luckless four-legged friends a chance at a better life. The only way to fix harm done to animals is through great relationships with humans. Meanwhile, these are not always ideal. It is easier for us to imagine them in the case of pets, more difficult when it comes to wild animals. And yet there are so many of us that it is difficult to find a species with which we have not yet established a significant relationship. 

What exactly is a good relationship between an animal and a human being? Can this be fully understood from a purely human perspective? Can laws written by man help create such relationships? Are we able to effectively protect other animals from harm caused by ourselves? 

Discussion after the screening in Kinoteka


  • Gabriela Jarzębowska, PhD, author of "Species Cleansing: Cultural Pattern of Rat Control Practices" and lecturer of Anthropozoology at the Artes Liberales Faculty at the University of Warsaw.  

  • Małgorzata Brzezińska and Sylwia Połczyńska from the  Fundacja dla Szczeniąt Judyta (puppy rescue centre), which works to protect puppies, often with mothers. 

  • Justyna Zwolińska, lawyer, behaviorist and lecturer at the Warsaw School of Agriculture and SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities. 

  • Dariusz Gzyra, social activist, journalist and lecturer at the Faculty of Artes Liberales